Mahauliyati Mukalmay is an Urdu phrase which means ‘Conversations on Climate’. The podcast series is an initiative of the Climate and Environment Initiative (CEI) at the Research Society of International Law, Pakistan (RSIL).

Mahauliyati Mukalmay aims to provide a platform for climate scientists, environmental lawyers and policy experts to discuss different climate and environmental matters of interest to Pakistan.

Maha Husain and Ian Fry, Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of climate change, to discuss the climate change- human rights nexus.
Maha Husain and Dr. Sanval Nasim to discuss the issue of air pollution in Pakistan.
Maha Husain and Hammad Naqi, Director General WWF Pakistan, discuss the importance of biodiversity loss in Pakistan
Maha Husain and Asghar Leghari discuss the Leghari v Federation of Pakistan climate change case and how it has shaped climate litigation in Pakistan

CEI has also hosted podcasts as part of the Research Society of International Law’s Symposium on Third World Approaches to International Law

Maha Husain and Usha Natarajan, Edward W. Said fellow at Columbia University & a founding editor of the TWAIL Review, discuss international law’s role in creating climate apartheid, the value of TWAIL, and the need to reexamine our assumptions about the natural world.
Maha Husain and Sumudu Atapattu, Teaching Professor and Director of the Global Legal Studies Center at UW Law School, about the North-South divide in international environmental law.